Air pollutants are particles or substances that degrade the quality of air that is inhaled for breathing. With the industrialization progress across the world most parts of the world are affected by high levels of air pollution. Air pollutants can travel in wind currents. For that reason pollutant are not only concentrated in and around industries, but are also spread out to remote areas. Animals, people and plants suffer from different health problems due to air pollutants. The chemical fog which is formed is also due to the air pollutants in the air. There are three kinds of air pollutants, particulate, biological and chemical.

Chemical air pollutants

When we talk of chemical air pollutants these can be varied and include chemicals like sulfur, lead, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide. Substances like CFCs are considered as chemical air pollutants. The pollution is created by car, thermal power plants, refineries, mines and other manufacturing facilities. Metal and cement processing also lead to chemical pollutants being added to the air. Manufacturing of herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals also lead to pollutants being released into the air for which homeowners need to buy dehumidifier.

Biological pollutants

The air pollutants that are biological in nature include substances like bacteria, dander, fungi and pollen. These are usually found in indoor air for which many need to buy dehumidifier Australia. For those who suffer from allergies during spring, usually are sensitive to pollen in the air while fungi and mold are other airborne particles which can irritate the lungs of sensitive people.

Particulates in the air

Particulate pollution is caused when small particles are released in the air. These are generated by natural sources like fires, dust storms or by volcanic activities. Human processes can also lead to particulates in the air like manufacturing facilities. These can be chemical in nature and are harmful contaminants. These reduce the visibility as well as make it difficult for a person to breathe. Air that is polluted with particulates should not be inhaled as it can lead to several health issues. 

Air pollution and its effects

People get impacted by air pollution in different ways. The respiratory system gets affected primarily, as well as the heart. Respiratory allergies are common as well as problems like asthma. Some air pollutants eat away at the atmosphere and lead to harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun reaching the surface of the earth. Smog, acid rain is also caused by air pollution. These weather problems are disturbing and lead to different kinds of ailments among men, animals and plants. Indeed, many carcinogenic ailments have been found to occur due to the adverse effects of air pollutants on the health of humans as well as animals.