It is funny to see how human beings think of things that were never present and call it an insight. Insight is like getting a sudden answer to a mystery that was left unsolved for a long time. Nowadays, there are several concepts of using brain and gaining successful life and many more but what us actually happening?

We are not using our brains and we are just going dumb. Why do we need the complicated technology? What is the use of having and issuing new projects for new rail track construction and maintenance of the pre-existing ones? But, in the midst of wars and famine, do weneed this type of development? Why are we putting our resources on these things when half of human population is dying of hunger?

We are developing so many electric and electronic items which no one will find use in. People are living in the fear of seeing tomorrow but we are just not giving any importance to human life as we are giving importance to the materialistic things. We are going crazy over lost valuables or valuables that are robbed from us. We are not worried about ten humanity leaving humans. Look for the most trusted railway maintenance.

There are million of people dying in Syria kids to adults treated similarly, you do not find any international court of justice hearing. What happened to the peace makers? The superpowers as we put ‘America’ and ‘Russia’ who were supposed to talk sense to the peopleare just having a cold war stationed on the country. People were so moved by the fact that France was bombed, no one seems to be bothered by the fact there is a river of human blood in Syria.

People are concerned about the posh French people but they can’t see or want to fight for the Syrians. What happened to the Indo-Pakistan cold war going for ages? What happened to the real Palestine war? The continental shelf issues with the neighbouring countries in several places.

It is funny to see people preach about world peace and justice but are not ready to go have a peaceful chat with the neighbour whose cat is being a nuisance to us. We preach about justice and equality but we ask our daughters to come home before eight in night but let our sons run around and have fun. We are such hypocrites that just whatever we feel like talking just because our tongues can talk! Are you trying to make a change? Well start it with your family.