Whether you are a small scale furniture importer or a large scale company who imports furniture there are many things to consider when importing items like furniture. Most of the time this item doesn’t not sell very well so you need to make sure you do everything possible to increase your revenue. There small tips may help you when deciding to import furniture.

You need to have required equipment to repair the furniture you import as well as goods hoist lift facilities to prevent damage to furniture when handling. If you are a small to medium scale importer, you need to make sure that you  have all the equipment to assemble the product if it comes in parts or that you have a crew ready to deliver the furniture to the customers and to reassemble them in their places.

A customer base
Furniture is not an easy item to sell. Specially because there are so many furniture manufacturers locally and most people are good at wood work so they might make their own furniture to save money. If you are importing furniture make sure you have a good customer base. First of all have a target market. Determine whether you are selling designer furniture to the high end market or if you are selling to the middle and lower level customers. Your services should vary based on the customers. For example if you are importing designer furniture and your customers are paying a lot of money for it, you need to have sufficient lifting equipment Perth to make sure you can deliver the products safe.

Prices and tax
When importing furniture you need to keep an eye on the import tax rates and the prices you buy the furniture at. Some countries who have plenty of local furniture market charges a high import tax on imported furniture. If this is the case see if you can bring parts and re assemble locally to save the cost otherwise you will have to sell for high price to cover the cost and profit. This is not very attractive for the customers, especially if there are cheaper products already.

Shipping and handling
When importing furniture shipping and handling is an important part, you need to make sure that the furniture is not damaged while it is been shipped. There are many shipping lines and shipping agencies that you can have a contract with to bring your furniture. Make sure you do a proper reference check and a background check of the shipping company you choose. Also getting a proper insurance to cover the cost of our good plus the shipping fee is also important to make sure you won’t go bankrupt in case of an accident.